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Walking his puppy
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I’m a human chair
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Loving on his lamb, we call it his baby bc he treats it the same way he did my niece’s baby doll

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Giving his lamb his binky
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Anonymous asked: When Corey disciplines you, what does he do and say to you? Could you give us an example of a situation where you have been disciplined?



Lets use this morning when he found out I threw the shells in the garbage.
When i got to the garage he asked me if I smelled anything I said no, then he asked me if I’d done anything wrong, i said I don’t know. Then he asked me if I had lost my senses or if I thought he had woken up retarded. I said no. He asked me to come to him which was by the trash can, I did. He opened it and didn’t shove my face it in but brought it close then said that the shells were in there and our house was going to smell dead. He asked me if I had bagged them I said I think so, I thought I did. Then I realized I didn’t, so he slapped me for lying even though I really though I actually bagged them. I kind of did but I didn’t, some stuff was in bags but some wasn’t. He got me a bag and I had to get the stuff out of the garbage and bag it so he could dump it in the big dumpster. Midway he started spanking me but only a few hits cause he was rushing and frustrated. I gave it to him and he left. 

Is that a good example?

It’s a wonderful example of a fucking abusive and unhealthy relationship. Seriously, get out now before there are innocent children involved. This is really not ok.

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, you’re either really dumb or just wanting attention.

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How the Connecticut Department of Children & Families is failing a trans girl of color



A 16 year old transgender girl is being held in an adult men’s prison—but she has not been charged with or convicted of any crime. 

Rally in Hartford, CT / Rally in NYC / Change.org petition / 

We need to signal boost the fuck it if this. This is horrible on so many levels.

No it states she’s being held in a women’s prison. Even though she could still be sexually assaulted it’s still safer than in a men’s.

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Oh no ear infection. Probably just teething. Which is what I thought bc I can feel bottom molars coming in and the Dr saw too. Just wanted to be sure. Have to watch his fever and keep giving him Motrin. If he still has a fever by Friday we’ll probably take him back to the doctor.

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My poor baby :(
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Cooking dinner
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Snuggled on daddy at the doctor
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